Portugal expected to double up on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Portugal expected to double up on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Recently, the UEFA Europa League qualifiers will be held in the 8th round of the tournament, Portugal ran away to face Bosnia and Herzegovina. Portugal has been 3 rounds ahead of the qualification, but the five shields army can not be too relaxed, they want to ensure that the group first to advance, in order to get the seeding of the European Cup.

In this year's qualifiers, Portugal is in Group J, along with Slovakia, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Portugal, ranked 8th in the world, can be said to be a unique presence, winning all the first 7 rounds and topping the table with 21 points. It is worth mentioning that Portugal kept zero shutout in the first 6 rounds, and only conceded 2 goals until the last game against Slovakia, with the score-goal ratio of 27-2, so it can be said that there is no pressure. With the win in the last round, Portugal is already 10 points ahead of Luxembourg, the third in the group, early qualification for the main round.

Compared to Portugal, the post-Dzeko era of Bosnia and Herzegovina seems to be a bit of a struggle, after 7 rounds of 3 wins and 4 losses only 9 points, ranked 4th in Group J, 4 points away from the second Slovakia, and Luxembourg has a gap of 2 points. According to the Euro qualifying rules, if Bosnia and Herzegovina can't overtake Luxembourg, they won't even qualify for the play-offs, which is a bit saddening. In addition to the brisk team Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina is also the group's goal-scoring ability is the worst, 7 games only 7 goals, Luxembourg in the same period scored 8 goals, Iceland is 11 goals, Slovakia 10 goals, are more than them.

For Portugal, this game has little baggage, but also a good opportunity for Crow to continue to seek a breakthrough. As of now, Crow scored 7 goals in 5 appearances in the European preliminaries, ranking second in the scorer's list, only 2 goals away from the top of the list Lukaku, there is still the hope of catching up. In addition, Crowe's national team goals improved to 125, with a career total of 857 goals. Porto president Pinto da Silva reportedly even wanted Crowe to hit the 1,000 career goals milestone, the president instead pragmatically stated that he wanted to unlock the 900 goals mark first. Today, Crowe is 43 goals away from that target and the fact that he is 38 years old means that he cannot afford to miss a single opportunity. Now that there is no more pressure to grab points, Crowe can go big for the goal tally.

As mentioned earlier, Bosnia and Herzegovina must make every effort to take down Portugal with the benefit of their home field, or else they are likely to lose their hopes of advancing 2 rounds early, but the historical data is not in their favor. Previously 5 times with Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded only 1 draw 4 losses, has never won, including the first round of the meeting 0-3 defeat. Overall, Portugal's overall strength is stronger, the state is also better, Bosnia and Herzegovina want to stage a comeback, a certain degree of real hope that Portugal's mentality is too relaxed ditch overturned.


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