Best Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League Starter Builds

With the onset of a new Path of Exile league, the excitement of starting fresh and exploring new possibilities beckons.

With the onset of a new Path of Exile league, the excitement of starting fresh and exploring new possibilities beckons. However, navigating the plethora of build options can be daunting amidst the ever-changing landscape of updates and additions to the game. A list of the top Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League Starter builds, along with links to comprehensive build guides to aid you in your preparations for the upcoming update.

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Best All-Around League Starter Build - Explosive Arrow Champion

Explosive Arrow continues to hold its position as an excellent choice for league starter builds. Despite speculations regarding potential nerfs to ranged builds like Explosive Arrow in PoE 3.24, the build has received buffs instead. This build revolves around firing arrows that adhere to terrain or enemies and detonate after a brief delay, dealing area of effect damage. Additional arrows can be attached to enemies, creating a chain reaction that culminates in a devastating area of effect explosion.

This build offers a straightforward and safe playstyle, making it ideal for players who prefer ranged combat and gradual damage scaling. While better gear can enhance your damage output, this build is capable of completing all content with ease. However, crafting the appropriate weapon for Explosive Arrow on a Thicket Bow or Grove Bow may pose a challenge due to changes in Vorici's socket colors. Nevertheless, opting for a Short Bow can mitigate this issue, albeit at the cost of crafting or purchasing high-quality weapons.


- Simple and safe playstyle

- High survivability coupled with significant damage output

- Viable in SSF (Solo Self-Found) setting


- Crafting expensive weapons due to new league changes

- Popular league starter build, potentially increasing the cost of crucial gear options

- Recovery issues during prolonged boss fights, although partially mitigated by new league changes

Best Easy-to-Play 1-Button League Starter Build - Cast on Crit Detonate Dead Inquisitor

The Necropolis League introduces numerous quality-of-life improvements to Path of Exile, alleviating the need for excessive button presses in certain builds. The Cast on Crit Detonate Dead Inquisitor build exemplifies simplicity, requiring only a single button press to execute its gameplay. This streamlined approach not only makes the build accessible to players of all skill levels but also alleviates strain on the wrist.

Recent changes in the league have bolstered the strength of this build, propelling it into meta territory. Detonate Dead, renowned for its potency, benefits greatly from these changes, enabling a seamless 1-button gameplay experience.


- One-button gameplay simplifies the playing experience

- Capable of handling all content

- End-game variant offers substantial survivability


- Requires strategic positioning to maximize the effectiveness of corpse detonations

- Some argue that the build is influenced by microtransactions, potentially affecting its accessibility

- Playstyle may not appeal to all players

Best Minion League Starter Build - Poison Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) Necromancer

Poison builds reign supreme in Path of Exile, especially those capable of reaching the poison cap. The Poison Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer build achieves precisely that, leveraging poison damage to its fullest potential. With the Necropolis league changes, this build gains an early damage boost, minimizing the previous downtime associated with its setup.

The core mechanic of this build revolves around utilizing minions, primarily Raging Spirits, to deal damage. With proper gearing, the scalability of this build is unparalleled, enabling efficient map clearing and boss killing. Additionally, this build's reliance on minion damage allows players to adopt a relatively passive playstyle, focusing on minion management and evasion.


- Exceptional scalability due to poison mechanics

- Highly proficient at dispatching bosses

- Straightforward to learn and execute


- Some players may find the passive playstyle less engaging

- Lower-budget builds require frequent minion re-summoning, leading to potential tedium

- Relies heavily on building poison stacks for optimal performance

Best Melee-Centric League Starter Build - Splitting Steel Champion

Splitting Steel has long been regarded as a formidable skill for league starter builds, boasting significant damage potential. However, its previous reliance on a 2-button playstyle hindered its accessibility. With the introduction of new changes in the Necropolis league, the clunky gameplay associated with Splitting Steel has been streamlined, allowing players to focus on maximizing damage and survivability.

Choosing the Champion subclass enables players to capitalize on impale mechanics, further augmenting damage output while maintaining high levels of resilience through armor and evasion. Whether you're delving into early-game content or preparing for end-game challenges, the Splitting Steel Champion build offers a versatile and beginner-friendly melee option.


- Improved gameplay experience with new league changes

- Capable of handling all content, from early-game encounters to end-game challenges

- Beginner-friendly gearing requirements


- Melee-focused playstyle may not appeal to all players

- Optimal scaling requires investment in high-quality flasks

- Sacrifices suppression in the late game to increase damage

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