How To Do The Desert Treasure Quest in Last Epoch

This guide will walk you through all the steps to complete the Desert Treasure quest.

Complete the Desert Treasure quest in Last Epoch and you'll embark on an adventure across the vast and dangerous desert of Maj'elka's slums. This mission filled with mystery and danger offers players the opportunity to hide in tombs, fight powerful enemies, and discover treasures along the way. This guide will walk you through all the steps to complete the Desert Treasure quest.

To begin the Desert Treasure quest, players must venture into the cave hideout nestled within the slums and confront the formidable mini-boss lurking within its shadows. Upon emerging victorious from this initial encounter, players will discover a glowing scroll nearby, marking the beginning of their journey into the heart of the desert and accumulating Last Epoch Items and Gold.

Step 1: Uncovering the Hidden Tomb Entrance

Setting out from The Radiant Dunes waypoint, players embark on a journey southward until they reach a pivotal crossroads. From there, they must navigate eastward and then northeast at the subsequent junction, traversing the shifting sands with determination and caution.

Continuing eastward, players will eventually stumble upon the entrance to the hidden tomb, its location betrayed only by faintly glowing glyphs adorning the surrounding terrain. This discovery confirms that players are on the right path, poised to delve deeper into the mysteries that lie ahead.

Step 2: Confronting the Spiteful Gold Elemental

Venturing into the depths of the hidden tomb, players encounter the formidable guardian known as the Spiteful Gold Elemental. This powerful adversary must be vanquished to obtain a special relic integral to the quest's progression.

With courage and skill, players engage in a fierce battle against the Gold Elemental, relying on their wit and prowess to emerge victorious and claim the coveted relic as their own.

Step 3: Seeking Guidance from the Relic Merchant in Maj'elka

Having secured the relic, players journey to the upper district of Maj'elka, where they seek out a knowledgeable merchant well-versed in the ways of ancient relics. Engaging in conversation with the merchant, players glean valuable insights and receive guidance on the next phase of their quest.

Following the merchant's instructions, players return to the Maj'elka Slums, their resolve unyielding as they press forward in pursuit of their goal.

Step 4: Negotiating with the Scalebane Fence

Navigating through the labyrinthine streets of the Maj'elka Slums, players confront various obstacles, including the formidable Scalebane Bodyguard. Undeterred by these challenges, players persevere until they reach their destination: the lair of the elusive Scalebane Fence.

Engaging in negotiation with the Scalebane Fence, players must employ tact and diplomacy to secure a favorable deal for the relic. Through skillful negotiation, players have the opportunity to increase their reward, ensuring that their efforts are duly rewarded.

Rewards Await the Bold Adventurer

Upon successfully completing the Desert Treasure quest, players are richly rewarded for their bravery and perseverance. In addition to the thrill of adventure and the satisfaction of overcoming formidable challenges, players receive a wealth of rewards to aid them on their continued journey:

- 3,000 XP to bolster their overall experience level, allowing them to grow stronger and more capable in their adventures.

- 1 Passive Skill Point, granting players the opportunity to unlock new abilities and enhance their character's capabilities.

- Up to 3 Rare Idol slots, providing players with the means to equip more crafted items and further customize their playstyle.

With these rewards in hand, players emerge from the Desert Treasure quest emboldened and empowered, ready to face whatever challenges await them in the ever-unfolding saga of Last Epoch. However, for those seeking to further bolster their resources and enhance their journey, a wise choice lies in procuring Last Epoch Gold at RPGStash.

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