Ultimate Guide to Buzz Mastery in Brawl Stars: Gear Up!

The article "Best Buzz Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears" provides a comprehensive guide to maximizing Buzz's impact in the game. It includes tips on selecting the best gadget and star power, as well as equipping effective gears to elevate your game wi


Looking to maximize your impact with Buzz in Brawl Stars? Look no further! This comprehensive guide has everything you need to elevate your game with the vigilant lifeguard.

Mastering Buzz's potential starts with selecting the perfect gadget and star power, and equipping the most effective gears. This guide covers all the essentials to transform Buzz into a formidable force on the beach battlegrounds.

As of April 10, 2024, Buzz's unique skill set continues to be a game-changer, especially with his exceptional gap-closing abilities and impressive hypercharge. While his position in the Brawl Stars tier list may fluctuate, the best options for building him the right way remain clear.


When it comes to gadgets, Reserve Buoy stands out as the top choice for Buzz . It offers an immediate super charge, providing strategic flexibility and the potential to turn the tide in crucial moments or when launching surprise attacks.

On the other hand, X-Ray Shades should not be underestimated on grassy maps . It grants unparalleled visibility and strategic advantages by uncovering hidden enemies. This underrated gadget can significantly impact the battlefield, especially when paired with Buzz's Eyes Sharp star power, extending his vision's range and improving team coordination in bush-heavy areas.

For star power, Eyes Sharp is the go-to option for Buzz . It notably expands his super charging area, offering enhanced vision particularly beneficial on grassy maps. This advantage not only aids in reconnaissance but also in planning strategic moves, ensuring Buzz maintains a dominant presence on the battlefield. The increased radius covers more ground, making it challenging for enemies to hide and facilitating his super charging and attacks.

When considering gears, opting for damage and shield gears is a smart decision for Buzz . The damage gear amplifies his already potent damage output when his health dips below 50%, allowing him to deliver a more impactful blow during critical junctures. Simultaneously, the shield gear adds an extra layer of defense with a regenerating shield, bolstering his survivability on the front lines.

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