Complete Showdown Ocampos SBC: Guide to Costs & Best Solutions

FC 24 Ultimate Team has begun its Team of the Season event, offering new features such as Showdown Ocampos SBC. This Squad Building Challenge coincides with the high-stakes match between Almeria and Sevilla, allowing players to acquire special Showdown player cards for Lucas Robertone and


FC 24 Ultimate Team has kicked off its Team of the Season festivities, bringing a host of new features for enthusiasts to dive into. With TOTS Live now in full swing, players can look forward to engaging with special edition promo players, a variety of Squad Building Challenges, dynamic evolutions, and a series of objectives set to roll out progressively. This array of content promises to keep the community engaged throughout the upcoming period.

Overview of Showdown Ocampos SBC

Lucas Ocampos of Sevilla is the latest player to be featured in the Showdown Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

Discover affordable ways to add the Showdown Ocampos player item to your Ultimate Team roster. With a top-tier card, this skilled Argentine winger is sure to enhance your squad!

The Significance of the Almeria vs Sevilla Match for SBC

Electronic Arts has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA Ultimate Team, coinciding with the high-stakes match between Almeria and Sevilla in the LaLiga FC Pro Finals.

In an exciting twist, Ultimate Team players now have the opportunity to acquire special Showdown player cards for Lucas Robertone of Almeria and Lucas Ocampos of Sevilla.

These exclusive player cards carry the potential to gain further enhancements should their teams triumph in the LaLiga FC Pro Finals showdown.

Ocampos' Showdown Card Details

Lucas Ocampos has received a significant boost to his Showdown card, now boasting an impressive overall rating of 89. This enhancement showcases his exceptional abilities on the field, with standout stats that include 89 pace, 86 passing, 91 shooting, 90 dribbling, and a robust 93 in physicality.

Additionally, Ocampos comes equipped with the Power Shot and Whipped Pass PlayStyle+ attributes, adding a strategic edge to his gameplay. To help you add this skilled winger to your squad without breaking the bank, we've compiled the most cost-effective solutions available.

SBC Requirements Reward

To successfully complete the Showdown Lucas Ocampos Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players must meet the following criteria:

  • The squad must feature at least one player hailing from Argentina.
  • The overall team rating should be at least 86.

Upon fulfilling these requirements and submitting the squad, participants will receive the Showdown Lucas Ocampos as a reward.

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